Forest resources are an important asset for all landowners. Like any other asset, they should be managed properly in order to appreciate in value over time. The purpose of Michael D. Neal & Associates, Inc. is to provide expert and quality forest, land, and wildlife management assistance to our clients. We offer a balanced approach to forest, land, and wildlife management, which includes considerations for primary clients’ objectives and a focus on land as a multiple-use asset. The specialists of our company have enough professional experience to offer proper management practices that improve and enhance habitat across different timber stand types.


  • Timber management plans. The purpose of timber management plans is to establish both short- and long-term forest management goals. The plans are used to prioritize the objectives of landowners in accordance with forest types, individual needs, and distribution. 
  • Wildlife management plans. We offer professional wildlife habitat management plans that meet the individual needs and objectives of landowners. Wildlife management plans are similar to timber management plans, but the driving force is wildlife instead of timber. These plans are written by specialized professionals and are created for a ten-year period. 
  • Reforestation plans.  We also have years of experience in creating effective reforestation plans. Unlike wildlife management and timber management plans, reforestation plans are time sensitive and created specifically for a single stand.

Michael D. Neal & Associates, Inc. is a company in North Carolina that was established by a private forestry consultant, Michael D. Neal in 1978. Today, it is one of the leading companies in forest management in the state. If you want to know more about our forest, land, and wildlife management, or other services we offer at our company, feel free to visit our website or give us a call. Our experienced and highly qualified team members are always ready to help answer your questions. 

At Michael D. Neal & Associates, Inc., we offer the following forest, land, and wildlife management practices: