Are you searching for a company in North Carolina specializing in forestry service and reforestation consulting? Do not look any further – Michael D. Neal & Associates, Inc. is that company that is ready to assist you. The forestry services that we offer include forest, land, & wildlife management, real estate (sales and appraisals), timber sales, drone & mapping, reforestation, and land for sale.


Here is more information about our company’s services:

  • Forest, land & wildlife management. We help you make the right and informed decisions regarding any aspect of land, forestry, and wildlife management. You can count on our expert advice as we have been working with clients in North Carolina for many years.
  • Timber sales. A timber sale includes harvesting of timber in exchange for money. We successfully assist landowners with timber sales of any size, and we ensure that the harvest operation is performed correctly and according to North Carolina’s Best Management Practices. 
  • Drone and mapping. Drones and mapping have become an important part of natural resource management. At Michael D. Neal & Associates, Inc., we have a licensed drone pilot, who provides various drone services, including the provision of clear and up-to-date aerial photography. We can create detailed maps that are perfect for offices or conference rooms. 
  • Real estate. Our team also consists of experienced and licensed real estate brokers who specialize in land sales. They can give expert advice to both land buyers and sellers on real estate transactions. Whether you want to purchase farmland or invest in timberland, our team of real estate professionals is ready to help. In addition, we also have three North Carolina State-Certified general real estate appraisers and one real estate appraiser trainee who specializes in timberland and farmland tracts of all sizes. 
  • Reforestation consulting. Reforestation is our specialization as well. For many years, we have been working with different companies and private individuals by preparing reforestation plans. The plans we write are prepared specifically for a single stand. They are written by degreed and experienced foresters and depend on the needs and budget limitations of each client. 
  • Land for sale.  If you are interested in purchasing land, we always have something to offer. Feel free to contact Michael D. Neal & Associates, Inc. to know more about the land that is available for sale now. 

If you want to know more about the services listed above or get more information about our company, do not hesitate to visit our website or give us a call.